Coverage checker for ONO and Vodafone addresses

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Online service that allows users and visitors on the Ono and Vodafone web pages to check if they have coverage of Vodafone Ono Fiber Internet services at their home or company.

The service includes:

  • Suggest service: suggestions as you type.
  • Normalization of addresses: If the address written by the user has no candidates (with a "suggest", "suggestions"), a normalization request is made that tries to normalize the address, including searching for similarity of characters. The system complements the searches of different map providers.
  • Balance between different providers: Cercalia and Google Maps.
  • Statistics: all searches are monitored and recorded in statistics, to keep track of locations with more demand.

ONO and Vodafone belong to Vodafone Group, the second largest telecommunication group in the world in terms of customer numbers and profit. ONO is a Spanish broadband communication and entertainment company, delivering integrated telephone, television and Internet services to its residential customers. In this segment, it has 3,7 million services contracted and over six million users. In 2015 it was acquired by Vodafone Group (over 7 billion euros).