The App “Autopistas en Ruta”, prize winner during the ITS Spain 2016 awards

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Autopistas en Ruta - La APP de Autopistas

The App of Abertis “Autopistas en Ruta”, developed with the collaboration of Nexus Geographics, has won the ITS award granted by the Forum of New Technologies in Transport.  

Each year, ITS Awards recognizes the best projects related to new technologies and intelligent transport systems. The APP “Autopistas en Ruta” was awarded in the category of Motorways, with the award for the best technology solution to facilitate safe and comfortable mobility. This year´s edition (the 6th) was held as a closing ceremony of the XVI Spanish Congress about Intelligent Transport Systems, from May 20th.

This APP is designed to make driving more comfortable, faster and secure. It applies the latest innovations in geolocation technology to automatically detect when the vehicle enters a highway or if you have an emergency situation. If the App detects a sudden stop, an automatic emergency call is activated. In case the driver doesn´t answer, it locates the vehicle and connects in real-time with operation centers of Abertis, operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In case of emergency, highway assistance protocols are directly carried out, accelerating the performance of emergency services. This system is similar to eCall proposed by the European Union, which will be mandatory in vehicles by the year 2018.

The application is an authentic custom co-pilot: it reports of the real time traffic, both of Abertis and of official information sources (DGT, Autonomous government of Catalonia of Catalonia -Generalitat-, Basque Government), and private sources (TomTom). In addition, it allows to create personalized alerts of traffic (concrete days and hours), to calculate routes or to inform about radars, limits of speed, service areas, nearest gas stations, prices of fuels, etc. The application is free and this available for Android and iOS.

Abertis Autopistas is the first world operator of highways by number of kilometres managed. It operates in 12 Europe's countries and America, and account with an insole of 17.000 workers.


Download  the APP: