Internal GIS viewer with Gestiona

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GIS with records from Gestiona:
Easily find and retrieve information

The videos explain the functionality of the GIS viewer Gestiona.

More information

Adán Casado
+34 93 0172728
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Records on the map, at a click

  • Get information by clicking on the map.
  • It shows a tab with all the data of the element, as well as a direct link to the file in Gestiona (esPublico)

Multiple search engines, by streets and by types of procedures

Quickly and easily find procedures, using the powerful search engine. Searches by:

  • Address
  • Cadastral reference
  • Record fields (ID, solicitant, start date ...)

Easy and instant retrieval of listings and record data

  • Quickly and easily find the information and records you are looking for
  • Filters that allow to select by zones on the municipal street, through map windows or polygons
  • Filter records by date, cadastral reference, registration number ...

Ease in the selection and search of information, with filters integrated in the map

  • Ability to instantly generate lists and maps with specific information.
  • Export and save the desired information in PDF and Excel files.
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